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Physicist Turned Data Scientist: A Path from Academia to Industry

Before start reading this article, please take 2 minutes to respond to this quick survey to appreciate the author’s time on writing this content: https://jigpi.questionpro.com/ Please also consider sharing the link with your network, family, and friends who might be … Continue reading

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My New Job as A Data Scientist: Falling into A Black-Rabbit-Hole

7 years ago, on exactly the same day as today, I landed in Chicago O’hare airport with 2x32kg full luggage in hand and a big dream in head surrounded by lots of anxiousness and concerns about leaving my family and … Continue reading

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A Science Strip Show

I was down with a flue and fever for a couple of days. I still am but it’s the end, hopefully. Tonight I did a bit of work but I went to bed early. Well, exactly one and half hour … Continue reading

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Earth, Atmosphere, and Satellites in to the scale!

It was a while that I wanted to see a schematic picture showing the Earth atmosphere compared to the size of Earth and the moon orbit in to the real scale. I’m very happy that I found above picture today … Continue reading

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The Universe in one day

The table speaks for itself but a bit of explanation could be the following. The table shows how things look like in time if we rescale the whole history of Universe from Big Bang up to now to one single … Continue reading

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