A Science Strip Show

I was down with a flue and fever for a couple of days. I still am but it’s the end, hopefully. Tonight I did a bit of work but I went to bed early. Well, exactly one and half hour ago. I couldn’t sleep not only because I didn’t want to, but also because I started watching this talk by Lawrence M. Krauss on Nothing and Everything! I literally couldn’t stop or pause it… I confess that I started watching that totally accidentally, but I watched it right to the end.

Lawrence is truly a “science stripper”. What does it mean? Well… He put the naked body of science in front of your eyes on stage in such an exciting way that you truly enjoy. In this talk he scientifically talks about the most natural questions that human being has been asking himself countinously during his history (well… Please exclude mongols time and middle ages)… Where we have come from? Can everything be created out of nothing? What will happen in future?

Check it out! Specially if you feel you know either very much or too little about the Universe. It’s very likely that you get surprised either way (unless you’re a dumb-ass or an asshole…). It could keep a sick bearded man awake for one hour in his bed while he wanted to take a rest. This is interesting and exciting, more than any strip show. Specially, no strip show takes longer than one hour. Enjoy!

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