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Baby picture of Universe! Can we see it?

I spent a few days last week to prepare for presentation today at our own journal club ACϟJC. The presentation was mainly about addressing the question that a cosmologist colleague asked me right after the big discovery of BICEP2. I learnt a … Continue reading

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Plotting the Sensitivity Curves of Gravitational Waves Detectors

Gravitational Waves can be found in different range of frequencies, depending on the properties of the sources that they have been produced by. Usually, to detect gravitational waves in an specific range of frequency, an specific type of detector is needed … Continue reading

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Gravitational Waves as the only observable signals from early Universe

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Today’s e-mail conversation!

Unlike what Dr. Manhattan believes, it turned out that the Universe does notice sometimes! The Jornal da UNESP wants to publish an article on the recent discovery of BICEP2 in their next issue for the public audience. They’ve interviewed me last week … Continue reading

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Check out my new note on “Listening to Gravitational Waves: A Very Simple Analogy!” at The Gravity Room!

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