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فیزیک پیشه ای که دیتاساینتیست از آب درآمد

:فهرست مطالب من کیستم و مخاطب این نوشته چه کسانی هستند؟ – چرا این مطلب را می نویسم؟ – از محیط دانشگاهی به صنعت – دیتاساینس چیست و دیتاساینتیست کیست؟ – (چه مهارت هایی مورد نیاز است؟ (منابع یادگیری – … Continue reading

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Sprinkler Problem: Why You Should Avoid Same Bases

During summer, despite all the modern and old irrigation systems, many people still use portable sprinklers to water their lawns and gardens, and it’s fun! Instead of pushing a couple of buttons here and there on your sprinkler system while … Continue reading

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How to bring life to your ggplots?

If you’re wondering how you can add a GIF layer to your ggplot to get something like the above image, one working example is given below [1]. library(ggplot2) library(magick) library(here) # For making the script run without a wd library(magrittr) … Continue reading

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Stop Not Paying Original Content Creators on The Web, It’s Bad For Everyone

Introduction Imagine you have recently got a new idea that you have worked on for a while. You have made it mature enough that at this point you feel comfortable sharing it with the outside world. What you would do? … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Cars May Need To Know Why I Avoid Driving Behind Moving Trucks, But Choose to Stop Behind Them

Nope! This is not because of any safety issue that one may think of initially, but only because I would like to spend less time behind traffic lights during my daily commute in St. Louis. This can buy even more time for people … Continue reading

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