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چهار قدم یادگیری ماشینی با پایتون و پیکان پنجاه وهفت

این نوشته برای فارسی زبانانی است که می‌خواهند «یادگیری ماشینی» و «تحلیل داده‌ها» و مراحل کلی حل یک مساله را در غالب مثالی ساده مرور کنند و ممکن است هنوز تجربه‌ی تخصصی زیادی از مباحث ریاضی و برنامه‌نویسی لازم در … Continue reading

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Physicist Turned Data Scientist: A Path from Academia to Industry

Table of content: 1. Who am I and to whom I am writing this note? 2. Why I am writing this note? 3. From Academia to Industry 4. What is Data Science and who is a Data Scientist? 5. What Skill … Continue reading

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My New Job as A Data Scientist: Falling into A Black-Rabbit-Hole

7 years ago, on exactly the same day as today, I landed in Chicago O’hare airport with 2x32kg full luggage in hand and a big dream in head surrounded by lots of anxiousness and concerns about leaving my family and … Continue reading

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Short URLs, Big Data!

In this interesting 40 minutes talk Hillary Mason speaks about how she and her colleagues at bit.ly explore big chunks of data from billions of clicks on internet everyday to extract useful information out of it. Beyond all technical details … Continue reading

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An overview on my first Kaggle competition: Coupon Purchase Prediction

Today is the deadline for Coupon Purchase Prediction competition in Kaggle! That was my first Kaggle competition that I’ve actively participated in and I learned a lot along the way. I though it is a good time to share some of … Continue reading

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