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The Universe in one day

The table speaks for itself but a bit of explanation could be the following. The table shows how things look like in time if we rescale the whole history of Universe from Big Bang up to now to one single … Continue reading

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Baby picture of Universe! Can we see it?

I spent a few days last week to prepare for presentation today at our own journal club ACϟJC. The presentation was mainly about addressing the question that a cosmologist colleague asked me right after the big discovery of BICEP2. I learnt a … Continue reading

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Plotting the Sensitivity Curves of Gravitational Waves Detectors

Gravitational Waves can be found in different range of frequencies, depending on the properties of the sources that they have been produced by. Usually, to detect gravitational waves in an specific range of frequency, an specific type of detector is needed … Continue reading

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The First Observed SMBHB?

SMBHB stands for Super Massive Black Hole Binary. If the results get confirmed, this shows that we have observed inactive SMBHBs for the first time ever! SMBHs can be 10^7 times more massive than our own Sun. The Sun is … Continue reading

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Gravitational Waves and CMB Polarization

Today a major discovery in astrophysics has been announced by a research collaboration named BICEP2 which raised lots of interest, attention, and discussion in the science community as well as in public. Here is the way that I would summarize the whole … Continue reading

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