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Self-Driving Cars May Need To Know Why I Avoid Driving Behind Moving Trucks, But Choose to Stop Behind Them

Nope! This is not because of any safety issue that one may think of initially, but only because I would like to spend less time behind traffic lights during my daily commute in St. Louis. This can buy even more time for people … Continue reading

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My New Job as A Data Scientist: Falling into A Black-Rabbit-Hole

7 years ago, on exactly the same day as today, I landed in Chicago O’hare airport with 2x32kg full luggage in hand and a big dream in head surrounded by lots of anxiousness and concerns about leaving my family and … Continue reading

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A Science Strip Show

I was down with a flue and fever for a couple of days. I still am but it’s the end, hopefully. Tonight I did a bit of work but I went to bed early. Well, exactly one and half hour … Continue reading

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درباره‌ی امواج گرانشی

نوشته‌ی کوتاهی درباره‌ی امواج گرانشی

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Earth, Atmosphere, and Satellites in to the scale!

It was a while that I wanted to see a schematic picture showing the Earth atmosphere compared to the size of Earth and the moon orbit in to the real scale. I’m very happy that I found above picture today … Continue reading

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