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How to Cut Your Wood Perfectly

Do you know what is the best way to cut your wood board to make a box planter? I know a way. And it was quite fun to figure that out. I needed a relatively large planter. The wooden box … Continue reading

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How Much Mass-Sharing Is Actually Useful?

Over the past few decades, social media has come to a new level via the vast adaptation of scale sharing platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Year after year, the global penetration index of internet and social media have been both … Continue reading

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Stop Not Paying Original Content Creators on The Web, It’s Bad For Everyone

Introduction Imagine you have recently got a new idea that you have worked on for a while. You have made it mature enough that at this point you feel comfortable sharing it with the outside world. What you would do? … Continue reading

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Self-Driving Cars May Need To Know Why I Avoid Driving Behind Moving Trucks, But Choose to Stop Behind Them

Nope! This is not because of any safety issue that one may think of initially, but only because I would like to spend less time behind traffic lights during my daily commute in St. Louis. This can buy even more time for people … Continue reading

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