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I try my best to write at least one post every day in this category to improve my thinking and writing skills, and more importantly to help organizing and tracing back my mind activities in long term… Since I have no experience of everyday writing, it’s going to be awful at the beginning. I’m aware of this fact and I would like the readers to understand that and accept my apologies. The idea of sharing my everyday notes has been in my mind for a long time, and I’m quite glad and exited to give it a try now. I hope you enjoy and follow me in this daily notes journey…

How to Cut Your Wood Perfectly

Do you know what is the best way to cut your wood board to make a box planter? I know a way. And it was quite fun to figure that out. I needed a relatively large planter. The wooden box … Continue reading

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“O Fortuna” is probably one of the most played/heard operas all time.  You may heard it in many movies and television commercials already. But have you ever look at its lyrics? I found it wonderful and in harmony with myself today. Following … Continue reading

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-Is Teaching Evolution Forbidden in Iran? -Hell no!

Among all interesting questions and comments that I get about growing up in Iran, I got a very interesting one yesterday from a fellow physicist grown up in Europe over the coffee table that I would like to share with you: … Continue reading

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Mindselfie003: hard-to-do

Sometimes it’s just hard to resist not making a really sad face. All you’ve made over years are disappearing like soap bubbles, one after another. All you’ve got is nothing after all. Life is doomed, in general, as a matter of … Continue reading

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Mindselfie002: dead body on water

Today, again, I feel like a dead body floating on see water for a long time, nights and days, time doesn’t really mean anything for a dead body, though. I can see my body but nobody else. I know that … Continue reading

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