Hafez Nazeri – Existence Life


I received a request at simbi to translate the lyrics of the above song from Persian to English. Following is what I sent back to that person as the result. It was a nice experience.

نامدگان و رفتگان ازدو کرانه ی زمان
سوی تو می دوند هان ای تو همیشه درمیان

Hey you, who have always been around! All including those who have already passed away and those who have not yet come to existence (not born yet) are both rushing to you from two horizons of time [i.e. past and future].

پیش وجودت از عدم زنده و مرده را چه غم ؟
کز نفس تو دم به دم می شنویم بوی جان

With your existence, what would cause the living and the dead to be worried about inexistence at all?
We smell the scent of life from your breath every moment…

پیش تو جامه در برم نعره زند که بر درم
آمدمت که بنگرم گریه نمی دهد امان

In your presence, the clothes on my body yell that “tear me!”…
I came to gaze at you, but tears don’t let me…

آه که می زند برون ، از سر و سینه موج خون
من چه کنم که از درون دست تو می کشد کمان

Alas, the wave of blood is jumping out of the head and the chest…
What can I do? Since this is because a bow is pulled back by your own hands inside me…

Poet: Hooshang Ebtehaj

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2 Responses to Hafez Nazeri – Existence Life

  1. Pia says:

    Thank you for the translation. What would you say is the meaning of the last phrase in this poem?


    • smirshekari says:

      It’s a bit complex, but beautiful. It says, the fact that I (the lover) am so hurt (in love) is because of my own gut. However, I’m not the one causing that, but you (the loved one). It’s like you’re shooting me, but from my own gut.


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