World Today: A Bunch of Drunk Guys in a Bar at Late Night


Colin Quinn is one of my favorite standup comedians. The first performance of him that I watched was called “Long Story Short”. It’s one of his famous shows. In this relatively long show (1+ hour) he basically talks about the human history since early days in human history until present. The whole script is based on historical facts, but he tells the story in a funny way such that you can learn about human history, politics and laugh at the same time.

“Long Story Short” comes in different parts. In each part he talks about a certain area of human history, either historically or geographically. They are all interesting and informative and funny, but my favorite part is the last part. The last part is called “globalization” in which he describes the current situation of the world (at that time i.e. ~2010) and the relations between different countries as the situation in a bar at late night and the relations between a bunch of drunk guys at the bar. However, he believes there is one weird guy in the bar who is totally sober though… and everybody knows that they’re gonna have to deal with that guy anyway… Watch this episode here to see who is this guy.

Quinn premiered his one-man show Colin Quinn Long Story Short on Broadway, directed by Jerry Seinfeld. Quinn recorded a special performance of the show that aired on HBO on April 9, 2011.

To watch the whole show in high quality, click here.

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