Shut up idiot, would you?

Besides many amazing people that I met over the past several days at the LVC meeting here at Stanford, I met two interesting dudes over the past 24 hours which I really need to open two new categories in my mind just to fit them in. Totally new species to me!

One who over confidentially believed that alternative theories of gravity are all ruled out already and general relativity is the only valid theory and working on alternative theories is madness. He specifically named a person as an example to prove you can be crazy and still be able get a faculty job! Apparently I happened to know that person closely and he is a smart guy. I’m not gonna repeat all stupid things he said here but at the end of the day he made me to tell him something equivalent to “shut up idiot!” at the end.

The other one was even more interesting. He made a couple of super stupid points in a row just after we said hi and shook hands for the first time in our whole life, while he had been making a very excited face. He didn’t even ask the clarifying question of “where are you from?” at the first 5 minutes of the conversation to help me sending him to the relevant category! He started far ahead, facing my mentor Dr.R. and said to him: “Oh! he is your new *Iranian* postdoc”.  (Well, this sends Mr.R. to the relevant category.) Then he made even a more excited face and immediately continued “you have to go and say hi to the Field Prize winner M. Mirzakhani when you’re here”.

It took him rouphly a couple of minutes to make his points and during whole time I was just staring at his eyes with no single word but just shaking head from the beginning to the end, and feel totally sorry for him and the community we both belong to. I think he should have gotten the idea at the end though. I thing that was too much silence from my side!

These new categorized dudes both look like an idiot to me at the whole time of conversation saying that stupid words. Something like this:


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