World Cup

This photos are taken in Sao Paulo before, during and after the match between South Korea and Belgium team. Belgium team won the match by one single goal. I was lucky enough to see get a ticket with original price from a friend of my friend coming all the way down from San Francisco to Sao Paulo. This made me eligible to put a check mark on front of  “Enjoying a live world cup game in Brazil in lifetime!”.

_MG_0494 _MG_0400 _MG_0513 _MG_0523 _MG_0509 _MG_0477 _MG_0468  _MG_0464 _MG_0395  _MG_0431 _MG_0442_MG_0526 _MG_0392_MG_0469 _MG_0336

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