Day010: back from nature

Yesterday I couldn’t write since I was so tired and a bit sick. However, I was feeling really good, exceptionally. Going to a trip outside of the city gave me lots of good feelings last weekend. I saw many things during the trip and had many new experiences. I met new cool people and talked to them and once again proved to myself that talking is something that I’m missing most of the time. On monday, I was very talkative and excited about my everyday life while I could observe and compare to others and enjoy my feeling more. It decayed a bit faster than what I expected though!

About all the amazing things that I saw during my weekend trip to Ubatuba state park and the city of Paraty in the state of Rio De Janeiro this weekend, I should definitely mention the followings. I walked at the most beautiful beach that I’ve ever seen in my life where mountain, forest, and ocean meet. I walked through a trail inside a tropical forest. I bit a new fruits. I saw passed by a baby cobra snake. I hug an old tree. I saw a rare spaces of colorful birds. I touched an eagle ray’s egg in my hand. I grabbed an axe and tried to chop a piece of wood. I saw the tree of avocado. And finally, I walked at historical part of Paraty one of the first cities funded by European inhabitants when they came to the land of Brazil.

The people that I spend this weekend with them was another part of the story. Another nice experience of putting myself in a totally new human environment and watching how the environment gradually changes in a good way by just passing time and being next to each other for a while. It’s always starts so icy at the beginning and eventually begins to melt. At the end it gets even some viscosity sometimes. I’m happy that I did this trip.

Monday was the day of journal club and I filled the application forms for the embassy today. This friday and saturday we’re gonna go watch a volleyball game in Sao Paulo with a bunch of friends. It should be fun watching team Iran playing Brazil in World League in Sao Paulo.

Time is passing by, always… and I always feel I’m incomplete and undiscovered. This used to be like this since years ago! There is no way to escape from this sh*t… I’ve already tried so damn hard.

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