Day008: AccessGrid-UNESP day

Today I finally registered for a trip tour to Paraty in this weekend. There were a couple of forms that needed to get filled out and an amount on money that needed to transfer but I was so busy in the last few days that I couldn’t do it sooner. Anyways, Friday night, just after the work I will be heading to the state of Rio Do Janeiro for the first time. I’m already excited for this trip. I’ll take my camera with myself and try to be open to get motivated for shooting. I hope it works!

Today, I also attended at one of the LIGO subgroup teleconferences that I’ve never attended before. But it’s somehow related to what I’ll be doing in the near future, I think. As it was expected, I was missing lots of dialogues because of the lack of technical knowledge on the topic. The call was OK after all. I’m happy that I attended because I learned some valuable stuff about doing gravitational waves data analysis with GPU vs CPU processors that I wasn’t aware of before. Meanwhile on the talk, I discovered some cool app that could get me connected to our local computer cluster downstairs or any other accessible machine by ssh shell. I showed my today discovery to Dr.R. at lunch time and he liked it.

I also attend to the colloquium today which was a particle physics talk. At the beginning I thought: “damn, this is one of those boring talks that you get lost at the beginning”. But it ended much better than what I expected. I got the main idea and the results at least. After the talk, Prof.N. started a conversation with me asking how much I like the school on biology two weeks ago. That was a good conversation. He actually was one of the organizers of the school and he was trying to get a feedback from at tendencies.

After the colloquium, with Dr.R. we walked down to the ground floor which surprisingly I haven’t been there before in the past 8 months, since I’m working in this building. There was a moment that I felt like Alice in the wonderland. This floor is much better designed that any other floor in IFT building. We talked to one of the administrators of the cluster about some technical issue that we had. It is always good to actually meet the administrator of your working cluster.

I was working for the rest of the day, trying to prepare the environment of our local cluster to actually use it for our calculations in the near future. My first try suggests to be very careful with this since it might be slow compare to the LIGO clusters. I’m not sure though. We will figure it out with Dr.R. tomorrow. I went to the swimming pool tonight and swam a few rounds along the pool. I got a nice phone call from a friend and also a GFY message in my mailbox with F marked red from another friend. Crazy day!

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