Day007: bye-and-thanks-for-the-memories

We had the second teleconference of the week today. Although, it didn’t work out. The connection was lost and I quit after 10 minutes trying to reconnect. I stayed until around 10 pm at work tonight. That was a productive day. I improved my code to reduce the cost of calculation to half.  Today, my friend gave me a box of origami papers. It made me happy. I even made a blue origami eagle. I like origami. It is relaxing.

Tonight a friend walked out from me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye and thank for all the memories. But that’s ok. After this friend is gone, I noticed that I found a paper note inside my mailbox saying that I’m a son of a bi*ch. He must be kidding since I will never can walk at any windy mornings besides any lake with wild gooses again, I cannot be a son of a bi*ch.

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