Day006: sorry

Today we had one of our biweekly work teleconferences, The first presentation was very interesting to me since they were talking about applying Machine Learning methods in analyzing the data of gravitational wave detectors. I feel very good that I’ve taken a good course in Coursera on this topic.  The materials that he was speaking about was very familiar to me since I already have seen them in that course. Next week will be the 10th and the last week of this course. I’m pretty happy about completing this course next week.

Today, also installed required software on my Mac as well as on our local computer cluster at ICTP-SAIFR. I think now I can claim that I do know how to do it properly and figure out the source of many possible problems during the installation. Today, I even found two issues that needed to be resolved. I reported these issues to appropriate people and in both cases I was right. It seems I’m improving in coding and getting familiar with my new work environments.

I also contacted a tour agency to register for a trip to the city of Paraty in the state of Rio De Janeiro next week. It should be fun. Although, non of my friends will be able to come with me to this trip. I am a bit worried about the interaction and communication since I don’t understand the Portuguese language. But it should be ok. The tour leader speaks a bit English, though. I hope it goes well. By the way, the next person who asks me if I speak Portuguese and I say no and s/he says “you need to speak Portoguese!”, will either get a punch on the face or will have really hard times to manage defending his/her statement against my load, logical discussion on no-I-don’t-need-to-and-it-is-non-of-your-busyness type of things. I’ve got really frustrated by this in the past few months such that I’m over acting now; yes I know. Sorry!

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