Virada Cultural 2014

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Today, I had a chance to go to one of the annual cultural events in Sao Paulo (out of many) called Virada Cultural. This year was the 10th year of this festival, I noticed. It is basically a festival of live concerts and shows in addition to food festivals in many different parts of the city. It was happening yesterday and today and open to the public. The peak of craziness is Saturday night, as I heard. I didn’t go out that time but I can imagine the level of the game. The metro system of Sao Paulo exceptionally works 24 hours during this event.

I walked to a couple of musical concerts. My today experience was consist of live music on the street stages by traditional and modern music bands, seeing lots of people hanging around including many strange faces that you don’t see in regular days in Sao Paulo, besides, today you could see many drunk people, and happy couples kissing on the lips dancing on the street floor which actually you can see these last cases in any regular days in Sao Paulo anyway.

Then I went to a food festival which was nice. Many famous restaurants in the city of Sao Paulo had a kiosk there, offering food and drinks. Surprisingly, I found Biryani. I also had a couple of other kind of foods from different places in Brazil and elsewhere. This food festival was crowded too, as well as any other food place in Sao Paulo. People here love eating and drinking. I mean, really! I even know a big building in Paulista Ave (one of the central areas of the city) that is supposed to be a shopping mall from outside but when you get inside you quickly discover that this is just a big food court in all the floors. There are a few stores selling non-food products but compared to the number of food stores in this building that is negligible.

I enjoyed Virada Cultural 2014 and I recommend this if you happen to be in Sao Paulo for this event. It’s usually in May. You can listen to some Brazilian music, you can see lots of people showing up, you may also find some good shows and good food too.



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