Day002: confusion is on

We are all living in a world full of confusion. I’m not sure if this is true though. So, this statement, itself, is the first confusion of mine. There are many more. I feel lucky and unlucky, reach and poor,  smart and stupid, at the same time. At least it happens to me frequently that I switch between completely opposite feelings so quickly. It’s another confusion.

I feel I have to go and I know that I have to stay. It happens that I feel good and feel bad for doing one single thing. In one hand, I think I cannot say “no” to anybody in my life and on the other hand, I think I have already said tough No’s to many people during my life so far. I’m not even sure if I should speak my mind or it’s better not to talk about them. That’s another big confusion. There are many more examples that makes me confused but at least confusion is on, there is no doubt about it. Wait a minute! No, that was the first confusion that I mentioned.

By the way, finally my code worked today! In a very confusing way though. I saw the cripple man again on my way for lunch, but the quasi-dead-body covered by trash bags was not around today. No mosquito discussion, no bad news, and no smell of piss on the street! I even had a good dinner.

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