Day001: not every day is great!

Not every day is great! There are some days that not only one terrible thing happens to you but more. For me, today was one of those days… If you’re in one of those days, you might start your day by seeing a cripple man in his middle age with one leg and one hand, seating on the ground, showing those awful looking half-elbow half-knees, begging for money. You might think this is the most terrible thing that you could see today. Then you go for lunch, and you see a human body lied on the ground completely covered by two black big trash pockets on his butt and head while your positive-minded friend raises this smart question: “Do you think he is still alive?”, and he stares at your face, waiting for an answer… and you  cannot say anything, and feel terrible inside…

You go back to work and your code still doesn’t work after days while for two other colleagues of you works perfectly fine and you cannot figure out why and you feel stupid and miserable… Then you go give up and go for having a refreshment with your work friends. Then you end up listening to a conversation which is all about killer mosquitos, and how killer they are, and how many they are, as well as how fast the number of affected people are growing in the country while several of them are flying around at exactly that moment. You think the day is almost over. You walk back home and the street smells like a mixture of piss and shit all the way through it like you never smelled before…

You arrive home and might think well, that was a bad day but it is over now. Right after this stupid thought, you receive a phone call informing you about the most horrible news in the past few years of your life about a car accident of your belonging thousands of miles away of you… You hang up the phone and look at the clock while it shows 12:15 am. You take a deep breath and tell yourself: ok, at least this is another day now!

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