Meeting Brazil at PETAR

Last weekend I had a two-days trip to PETAR (standing for Parque Estadual Turistico do Alsto Ribeira), one of the most beautiful natural parks of the state of Sao Paulo. This beautiful area is filled by dense jungles all around and is located about ~350km away from the city of Sao Paulo on the west. We drove ~6 hours by bus. The bus was convinient but sleeping over night at the bus was not a good idea at all. We were about 40, a full bus! The whole experience was unique. We visited 3 big caves at the first day and another one in the next day. There was a natural bath inside the fourth cave which was amazing… We also did a tubing experience at the second day along a river for about 4 km. Check out some photos of this trip below.

_MG_0003 _MG_0005 _MG_0015  _MG_0070 P1070836  P1070867  P1070852 10262163_10204017255138541_4502374071701823896_n P1070851 10246238_10203993693629518_4078488817286959983_n _MG_0102P1070849

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1 Response to Meeting Brazil at PETAR

  1. poonixall says:

    wow,it shows that unique trip with new experience.Honestly, I’ve never seen any cave in the US.Is it cold?It looks like Chinese cities,maybe because of the building:)


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