Laundry Experience

brasile 2

ُThis morning I walked to the laundry store to pick up my blankets. I gave the receipt to an old lady there and she brought my blankets washed and ready. I owed 50$R. I gave my card to her but she said sorry, we do not accept credit cards _she spoke in Portuguese, of course, but I read the body language. I got disappointed and said well… ok, I’ll be back tomorrow with cash and I was about to walk out with a sad face.

Then she said something in Portuguese and pointed to the blankets. I said in Portuguese that I don’t speak Portuguese _this is one of the most weird things that I usually say (I can do in French too!). She tried a few times to make sure I understand what she is saying. But, no way! I had even no clue what she is talking about… After a while, body language helped again! But I never expected it, she just let me pick up the blankets and go! And come later to pay! And she was like “it’s normal, not a big deal, have a good day!”, I read this from her face.

I don’t know anywhere else in the world that this happens. I still don’t know you the people of Brazil! You are amazing and always surprise me with your high level of kindness and being such easygoing.

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