Will Living People Ever Outnumber the Dead?: A Weekend Project

A few weeks ago, I was with a friend at work in the coffee break and chitchatting… I asked him if he knows where are the most people?! He replied “ummm… nope, I don’t know” and I just repeated with Louis CK’s quote “well, most people are dead! Did you know that?!” and I laughed… I only wanted to say something funny. But he made a serious face, stare at my eyes and said “no! This is not true!” and we started a discussion… He refused to make a bet though!

It turned out that it is as trivial as I thought whether most people are dead, after all! But Louis C.K. was right about what he said. A research group have done a relatively convincing estimation on this issue in 2002 and concluded that yes, most people (more than %90 who’ve ever lived on the earth so far) are dead. But how about future? Will living people ever outnumber the dead? Well, I thought it is a great question to think about during the weekend and dedicating it to Louis CK on Monday before the coffee break! You can see an answer to this question at this following LINK.

PS_ (1) The main assumptions for the calculations are solid and probably not so real but it’s still interesting to have an answer, I think. (2) The calculations must be very well known in the field (whatever field it is). (3) Do not miss Louie’ video on dead people if you haven’t watched it on YouTube already:http://youtu.be/NkAPW5Iq6hM

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