Airlines Heading Down!


  Landing in Sao Paulo, Brazil

I missed my flight to Sao Paulo on Thursday in a funny way. Here is the story in 14 steps:

1. My flight situation: Milwaukee(departure:5:25pm) >> (arrival8:25pm)Huston(departure 9:10pm) >> (arrival 11:10am)Sao Paulo

2. My situation: On time, at gate E62 which were supposed to go to Huston. I’ll have a 40 minutes layover at Huston.

3. At ~4:30pm they announced a gate change from E62 to E61 for this flight, I among all the other passengers moved to gate E61.

4. Until I left the gate at the end (during all the steps in this note) the board on gate E61 was showing the flight information to Chicago! And everybody was confused both the Chicago and Huston passengers. 

5. The airline operator announced that since the plane which is supposed to go to Huston is already in gate E61 we asked you to move instead of moving the plane. Well, I believe that could be OK.

6. It’s about 10 minutes to the boarding time and from the window we all could see the snow layer covering the front window of the plane. That was while the operator was insisting on that this flight will be on-time.

7. Five minutes later she gave the truth in response to one of the passengers (out of many) who has quick layover in Huston: “Honestly, although the plane is already here, the crew are not!”

8. The next announcement at 15 minutes after the flight schedule: “The crew who are supposed to ride the plane to Huston are actually on the plane that is coming from Chicago at the next-door gate. They will be in Milwaukee soon!”

9. At this point I was pretty sure that I’m not gonna make my next flight from Huston to Sao Paulo tonight. Notice that the next flight from Huston to Sao Paulo was 24 hours later, next day. I came to the podium and asked for rescheduling my flight for the next day.

10. The man who was in charge said: “OK, we can do that.” and he just walked away to board the other passengers!

11. “What will happen to my bag?”, I immediately asked him just after he came back to the podium. His face was like “Oh! shit!” and he quickly called the workers to ask taking off a bag from the plane (my bag). I’m sure the passengers inside the plane were pissed off by this extra 10 minutes delay after finishing the boarding.

12. “Ok then… What’s the next available flight to Sao Paulo?”, I asked. “Let me check…”, he replied. “The next available flight is  exactly the same schedule as today but tomorrow”. I quickly respond: “Negative”. Because I did not want to waste my time again and come back home after all tomorrow. I’ll feel totally stupid if I would take that one.

13. “Ok. How about the day after tomorrow?”, I asked. He replied: “There is one for Friday and the layover is 1:20′ in Chicago. “. I said this is a bit better, I’ll take it. He did something on his computer and give me my tickets. I said thanks and walked away.

14. Before I leave the airport, I noticed that the dates on the new tickets are 07 January instead of 07 February. I was like seriously? really?!!! I came back to the podium and told him about that. And thanks God, he finally said that! “I do apologize for that!”

PS_ I safely did fly from Milwaukee but I came sooner and fortunately could take an earlier flight to Chicago. Just in case!



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