Common Nightmare

The Nightmare (Henry Fuseli, 1781)


Have you ever had a common dream with somebody else in the same night? I mean an exactly same dream story happening in two separate brains in the same time… I did have it last night! I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if there is a specific cause behind this. Anyway, that was very interesting.

Although, the story was extremely sad… May be I should say nightmare… It’s a while that I’m having too much nightmares over the nights… They will continue, I promise! I see no reason to stop and many reasons to have more in the close future.

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One Response to Common Nightmare

  1. smirshekari says:

    A night after writing this note I had another nightmare. Last night I saw me in Florida. There was a violent tornado coming to us… Everybody was running in panic… We all could literally see the super dark vortexes coming to us very fast… This morning I open up my mailbox and there was a tornado inside, a dark one.


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